How the World is Slowly Moving Towards a Sustainable Energy Economy

It is no secret that America and the rest of the world have made large strides in a greener planet through incorporating renewable and sustainable energy sources into the economy. The growth of electric cars such as Tesla, solar paneling seen in residential communities, and farms being filled with miles of windmills producing wind energy are all examples of how renewable energy so commonly seen in everyday life. There are still many areas of potential for renewable energy usage that have yet to become accessible. Among the many obstacles that are keeping our country and the rest of the world away from a 100% “clean” economic foundation, the largest always seems to be money.

Here’s the problem. While the apparentness of climate change has increased in recent years — even more so in 2020 following extreme wildfires and weather all over the world — and people want to do better, they simply can’t afford a drastic and immediate change in lifestyle. It is a gradual change that has become a strategy of easing humans into a new norm of changing bad habits. An example of a more minor change that seemed like an easy, beginner shift in lifestyle was seen when eight cities — California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Delaware, Maine, Oregon, and Vermont — enacted legislation banning single-use plastics such as grocery bags. Along with many other things that got booted, messed up, and just generally changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, certain establishments in states such as New York have allowed consumers to use normal plastic grocery bags in order to provide an option to customers who felt this was a cleaner option.

In order to have an entire economy based off of a sustainable energy system, it is not only the people who need to adjust, but the ‘old school’ technology infrastructure that it is currently built on. In a more literal sense, the electrical grid system that many neighborhoods and cities as a whole run off of are complex, but also growing more and more outdated and unresponsive. A modernized grid that is entirely built off of renewable energy will have the capability and efficiency to not only handle a system of higher voltage power, but will more effectively manage electricity demand; the electricity needs being shifted and prioritized to where it is necessary would ultimately heal the current issues with the classic grid causing power outages as well as functionally contribute to the sustainable aspect of the system. If entire cities were comprised of houses and buildings utilizing solar panels, large open spaces filled with wind energy production, and charging stations overpowering gas stations, the modernizes sustainable grid would have its infrastructure.

As energy sources such as solar become more affordable and attainable, the country will be able to make gradual moves towards a larger scale for sustainable energy. While nothing new seems to ever be an easy transition, especially in regards to an entire country or world, there is hope in recent trends and mindsets that green energy production is the future. It is only a matter of time since electricity sources like solar have become so practical, that it will be used on a larger scale ultimately leading to a shift in economic structure. That is when the world will see the largest strides taken towards an inevitably cleaner and efficient energy system.


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