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Decreased Overhead.  Tax Advantages.  Brand Image.  Environmentally Friendly.  Backup power.

Utilities are a good portion of overhead.  Capitalized solar installations reduce monthly electric expenditures.  Tax credits and Return On Investment are prime considerations.

The company’s image is enhanced.  Customers appreciate the environmental goals of the business and reward them with loyalty.  Often the terms green and organic are promoted to command a premium.

However, business owners, not just homeowners, feel pride in reducing their carbon footprint.  They also feel they are promoting solar to the public, doing their part to spread mass adoption for our society to make a difference.  The fact the bottom line is enhanced is a bonus. 

Solar can also be part of a backup power plan.  This deserves consideration in several regards and again could provide an economic advantage.


Let us help you determine how you can profit from Solar Opportunities!

Benefits of Solar... The Smart Investment

  • Renewable Clean and Green Energy

  • Certain Return on Investment

  • Self Sustainable

  • Minimal to no electric bill

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Increases your property value

  • Protects the environment

The Process

Solar Opportunities employs a high tech design platform providing a remote design bid to the customer’s email in a short amount of time. Satellite imagery and your average electric bill are all we need to give you a very close bid. Therefore, there is no sales pressure and you will have all the facts to make your investment decision.

A complete cost savings analysis of the investment is provided with a representation of what your home would look like.  The proposal software is an impressive one-stop shop covering every aspect of your project, including permitting, our financing option, and the ability to remotely sign a contract if one so chooses. You can track your project development each step of the way.

Everything is transparent leading up to your installation which will only take a couple of days.  Of course, we will be happy to safely meet with you as well to confirm particulars not evident from satellite imagery.  Other photos, including drone vantage points, can be taken and our program can give you a great idea of what your home will look like with the panels.

Let us help you determine how you can save with Solar Opportunities!

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