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Our Passion, Your Choice




Fed up with paying costly energy bills? Think about going solar! Solar energy dependency to power homes, businesses, and agricultural operations is a consistently growing occurrence due to ever-increasing energy bills and grid stability issues.


Declare your energy independence and get in touch with the experts at Solar Opportunities today! We have a passion for clean solar energy.  Adoption is becoming widespread.  Why?  Costs and efficiencies have reached an apex in attracting smart money.  No longer is it just the green thing to do.  We share your vision and are here to help you make an informed investment decision. Solar Opportunities proudly supports our region’s energy transformation with outstanding customer satisfaction!

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Who We Serve

Our services are available throughout the region of Pennsylvania and New York. We offer residential, agricultural and commercial solar installations.

Residential Solar Installation

Make the switch to sustainable energy that is affordable for your home! We provide specially crafted residential solar installations made for YOUR house. Solar Opportunities manages the technicalities so you can begin saving money and improving the environment. This includes design and permitting as well as finding incentives and rebates that are available.

Agricultural and Commercial Solar Installation

Solar energy has numerous advantages for your company or institution, including tax rebates, increased market value, lower operational expenses, federal grants and more! Contact us right away to discuss your solar project.

Our Services

Our Process

With translucent communication, we pride ourselves in keeping the clients fully informed as we work through the following steps:

Stage 1: Solar Analysis
We develop a system that will fulfill your energy goals using only location analysis, and data from the previous 12 months of the client’s electricity usage.


Stage 2: Design and Approval

Our qualified designers and support team will develop engineered drawings and obtain all necessary permits required for proper installation.

Stage 3: Installation

Solar array installations are completed in a timely manner by our qualified
and skilled technicians.

Stage 4: Project Completion

Final inspections, system overview with the clients, and computer program registrations complete the standard project, but our staff is always available for any future questions the clients may have.


Why Solar Opportunities

To complete solar energy installations on schedule and within your budget, Solar Opportunities collaborates with you. Regardless of the size of your solar installation, Solar Opportunities has the expertise and materials to get it done.

From quotes, design advice, permits and inspections, and complete installation to production monitoring programs, we handle it all for you. Furthermore, we provide high-quality, time-tested components to ensure the most carefree experience possible into the solar world.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right now to arrange a time for your solar evaluation. Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have with one of our professionals. Our passion, your choice.


Benefits of Solar... The Smart Investment

  • Renewable Clean and Green Energy

  • Certain Return on Investment

  • Self Sustainable

  • Minimal to no electric bill

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Increases your property value

  • Protects the environment

Latest Technology

Our cutting-edge design platform enables inquiring minds to access all the information they need to know in a clear, transparent fashion in a short amount of time.  Systems can be designed from satellite imagery.  By simply inputting the average electric bill, a detailed proposal can be emailed to the customer without a sales call, and you can see a picture of what your property would look like.  It includes financing options with payments matching what you otherwise pay now to the electric company.  Every aspect of your new system can be monitored by Wi-Fi, even remotely to your cell phone.

Let Solar Opportunities guide you to a brighter future!

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Service Area

Solar Opportunities operates within an approximate 50-mile radius of our offices. We service residential, commercial, and agricultural accounts and locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania including but not limited to larger cities such as Scranton (PA), Wilkes Barre (PA), Williamsport (PA), Corning (NY), Binghamton (NY), Watkins Glen (NY) and Ithaca (NY.

Service Area
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