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Company Overview

 We have a passion for clean solar energy.  Adoption is becoming widespread.  Why?  Costs and efficiencies have reached an apex attracting the smart money.  No longer is it just the green thing to do.  We share your vision and are here to help you make an informed investment decision.


 Early adopters in our area have had to source their installations from afar.  With demand projected to rapidly accelerate, Solar Opportunities was born to proudly support our region’s energy transformation with outstanding customer satisfaction!  Our mission is to be our regions premiere solar business.


Benefits of Solar... The Smart Investment

  • Renewable Clean and Green Energy

  • Certain Return on Investment

  • Self Sustainable

  • Minimal to no electric bill

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Increases your property value

  • Protects the environment

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Latest Technology

Our cutting edge design platform enables inquiring minds to access all the information they need to know in a clear, transparent fashion in a short amount of time.  Systems can be designed from satellite imagery.  By simply inputting the average electric bill, a detailed proposal can be emailed to the customer without a sales call, and you can see a picture of what your property would look like.  It includes financing options with payments matching what you otherwise pay now to the electric company.  Every aspect of your new system can be monitored by wifi, even remotely to your cell phone.

Let Solar Opportunities guide you to a brighter future!