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Why Solar Batteries Are The Safer and More Reliable Energy Facilitator

With an influx of people staying home amid COVID-19, the energy necessary to power full and active households — including the rest of the neighborhood — has drastically increased. This aspect has led to more frequent power outages as the outdated grid system and general output ability of a common American home are not as capable of providing assured, consistent electricity. While many homeowners turn to generators to assist in powering their non-solar based homes in times of crisis, there are a few downsides and that’s if you own one. So how does a generator used for a house compare with an in-home solar battery? This is where the intensity and security of these batteries shines through.

Solar energy for residential usage is stored in a home solar battery. Basically, this battery does what most average batteries do, which is stores energy. The unique thing that makes these different than a AAA battery in your television remote at home, is the amount of energy stored in them and the fact that they receive this energy from the sunlight absorbed from the panels on your home.

Generators require gas which can not only get expensive when using it to provide electricity to an entire house, but is generally just not as reliable in a blackout or other possibly hazardous situation. The lack of reliability also pertains to the lifespan of common generators being usually no longer than five years. The use of generators is also a safety concern due to the emittance of greenhouse gasses and general complications such as spills. While noise may not seem like a huge debilitating factor in the use of a generator, if you live in an area with a noise curfew or maybe you simply have vocal neighbors, it will affect your ability to provide electricity to your home and do anything that may be necessary that comes along with that.

Home solar batteries solve almost all of these faults in your everyday generator. Reliability is ensured with solar batteries due to its energy storage elements that provide long-lasting backup power, saving unused energy for a rainy day or maybe even a surprise blackout. Luckily, the sun rises every day and provides possibly the most reliable refuel source and just in time to start using your homes electricity again in the morning. The batteries are also safe in many aspects; they do not emit dangerous gases, are clean and renewable for the earth, and are professionally installed meaning they are always there and working to store energy. This is a safety feature because compared to the generator, there is no uncertainty of accidentally spills or dangers of carrying that old heavy machine out of the shed and attaching to your house during bad weather or at night.

While it’s well known that utilizing solar energy is environmentally sound, the benefits go beyond going green and directly impact your home. As a homeowner, a major factor or certainty in all aspect of your home is the warranty of long lasting appliances, machines, and materials. Solar batteries can last anywhere up to 25 years ensuring a very long, reliable, and safe source of electricity no matter what the weather.

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