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Work with the best Solar Company in Hallstead, Pennsylvania.

Let Solar Opportunities Show You How Easily it's done!

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Company Overview

 We have a passion for clean solar energy.  Adoption is becoming widespread.  Why?  Costs and efficiencies have reached an apex attracting the smart money.  No longer is it just the green thing to do.  We share your vision and are here to help you make an informed investment decision.


 Early adopters in our area have had to source their installations from afar.  With demand projected to rapidly accelerate, Solar Opportunities was born to proudly support our region’s energy transformation with outstanding customer satisfaction! Our team’s lead installer has performed over 1000 installations and our mission is to be our area's premiere solar business.

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Benefits of Solar... The Smart Investment

  • Renewable Clean and Green Energy

  • Certain Return on Investment

  • Self Sustainable

  • Minimal to no electric bill

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Increases your property value

  • Protects the environment

Latest Technology

Our cutting edge design platform enables inquiring minds to access all the information they need to know in a clear, transparent fashion in a short amount of time.  Systems can be designed from satellite imagery.  By simply inputting the average electric bill, a detailed proposal can be emailed to the customer without a sales call, and you can see a picture of what your property would look like.  It includes financing options with payments matching what you otherwise pay now to the electric company.  Every aspect of your new system can be monitored by wifi, even remotely to your cell phone.

Let Solar Opportunities guide you to a brighter future!

Our Services

Residential Solar

The past decades have seen amazing developments in solar technology and its adoption. High tech related components including net metering, favorable legislation and tax credits, have made solar a clear investment option.  Homes and businesses across the country not only want to become greener, they want to save money!  Renewable energy goals are being met as our country’s energy portfolio evolves.  Our electrified future is unfolding before our eyes and most believe their choices can benefit the planet.  Folks are placing increased value on the security of independence from the grid, and making wise investments for their homes in these times. 

The main reason you see solar popping up everywhere now, is that there is a clear, faster return on investment.  Solar homes also have increased value and are shown to sell faster on the market to this generation of home buyers.


Off-grid battery technologies are hitting the markets, but most customers opt for a grid tied hybrid system utilizing a net meter.

Your system will be designed to over produce your needs in favorable conditions.  Your electric meter will run backwards!  Full disclosure: the electric company won’t pay you what they charge you, but the system design size accounts for this and your generated bill credits apply to average out all the nights, bad weather, and shorter days.  Design goals can be for yearly average electric bills approaching zero.  These savings can be directly structured to the loan for your system for the same as your average bill. Your investment in solar literally pays for itself! Solid investments are more important than ever these days.  We are here to help you join the energy evolution. 

Commercial Solar

Utilities are a good portion of overhead.  Capitalized solar installations reduce monthly electric expenditures.  Tax credits and Return On Investment are prime considerations.

The company’s image is enhanced.  Customers appreciate the environmental goals of the business and reward them with loyalty.  Often the terms green and organic are promoted to command a premium.

However, business owners, not just homeowners, feel pride in reducing their carbon footprint.  They also feel they are promoting solar to the public, doing their part to spread mass adoption for our society to make a difference.  The fact the bottom line is enhanced is a bonus. 

Solar can also be part of a backup power plan.  This deserves consideration in several regards and again could provide an economic advantage.


Let us help you determine how you can profit from Solar Opportunities!

Agricultural Solar

Farmers know the power of the sun better than anyone, and have a true appreciation for the environment.

Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways - saving money, increasing self-reliance, and reducing pollution. Solar energy can cut a farm's heating and electric bills as part of an investment which pays for itself over time and is a fine forward thinking move..  A farm is a business with high electric overhead cost and going solar has tax advantages. Farms are uniquely able to reap solar benefits as typically ample land or barn roof is available.  A good place to begin research would be


There is also security in that farm operations could continue in unforeseen future power events.  We have all come to more fully appreciate sustainability and Solar Opportunities can help you determine if solar is a good fit for you.

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