Solar Communities: Sustain, Preserve, Share

The effects of using non-solar energy for generations have left us with new environmental circumstances that ultimately have led us to no other option than to re-evaluate our ways. Why as communities, cities, and a population have we relied on our current forms of hazardous and limited energy sources for so long when we have been increasingly needing more of it? Fossil fuels have led to their own demise and solar energy is the solution.

Solar energy solves many current issues, but the two most general and predominant ones are sustainability and accessibility. On an individual level, one home in a neighborhood that is entirely solar will be one less home emitting hazardous gases; they say it starts with one, right? The same home is then also making a more immediate and local impact by removing strain from the abused and overused electricity grid in that area. This will prove to be a big help when extreme weather hits or as a preventative for blackouts during hours of high usage making the mainstream energy sources more accessible to people and homes that need it. If one home switching to solar power can make these local yet immediate changes to its community.

California has been hit extremely hard with vast and increasingly common wild fires. While this is highly a result of wide spread, unsustainable energy practices, California as a state has been known to take great leaps and initiative towards a greener society in hopes of preventing future disasters, unfortunately much like what seems to be taking place now in the present. Nevertheless, there is still time for change and luckily, the sun is a great indicator of time and an opportunity for change. If you fear that the sustainability results are simply not direct or proactive enough for you, then here are some great reasons to encourage a widespread use of solar energy solutions to your neighbor, your neighbor’s neighbor, and so on.

Accessibility does not simply mean the close to unlimited available electricity in your personal, solar powered home. In this case, let’s use accessibility to describe the local and broader effects solar can have on energy utilization of all forms for entire communities. As previously mentioned when discussing the individual dent that one solar home can make, the grid system can be relieved if you will, by the pressure of that one possibly electronic filled home being an independent energy source. In this scenario, this allows for either a slightly stronger power output or simply the security of less resistance in times of inclement weather or other environmental factors depending on the grid one is on. The presence of electricity independence for a home or multiple — in a similar area especially — can also proactively provide power with excess energy harnessed by solar panels and solar batteries. So not only is the high demand during certain hours of the day or blackout scenarios diminished, but there is now a natural, sustainable secondary source of accessible power, encouraging a larger scope of hopeful advancement towards a greener and healthier energy system.


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