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Solar Battery vs Generator

For homeowners who are thinking about making the switch to solar energy this may be something you will want to know. While there are many benefits to going solar — some more obvious than others — the aspect of safety is not one that typically comes to mind. The beauty of having your home run on in its own solar energy system is that it is self-sufficient and an independent entity from the electric grid system. This is great in terms of the environment as your home is not using an abundance of unnecessary electricity, but also great for you, your family, and your community.

Power outages are growing in occurrences throughout many neighborhoods and towns in the country. Along with the presence of an outdated grid system, Americans are also using residential energy like never before. This increased usage is not something that will be changing soon and if anything will only be continuously growing in the future; so how do we make this newfound norm in electricity demand functional, safe and sustainable? A solar home battery targets four major issues with the less-advanced equivalent of the generator which is used to help power non-self-sufficient homes in times of blackouts.

1. Immediate and assured backup. As the main source for storing energy that is harnessed every day, automatically by the sun, the home battery will continue providing electricity to your home from its reserves despite external factors, even the lack of sun.

2. No loud noise. Generators tend to give off loud and disrupting noises when being used and it is not uncommon for neighbors or entire communities to put a curfew on when that noise should stop. But what if you need your home to have power during a lack thereof passed 9 PM? This wouldn’t be a problem for a home running off of a solar battery.

3. No emissions and need for gas. The safety of a home battery also ties to its lack of fuel or other source of juice for the engine. It is safe for the environment and even for the homeowner using it when in need. During a blackout or storm, it is not ideal to be filling a generator with gas — assuming you have some available — outside in the dark.

4. Long lasting. Rest assured, you can trust the home battery will be there when you need it most. The warranty for the batteries in your system will span 10-20 years more than your average generator.

The solar battery overall proves to be a great provider of reliability and safety for your home as well as the environment. While the batteries offer a substantial amount of long-lasting power for its limited schedule of access to energy, it will eventually run out of back-up power. Luckily, you have almost a half of days-worth of time before that happens. So by the time you and the sun wake up, your home will be back on track to be there for you and your family’s electricity needs.


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