Solar Maintenance: How, When, Why

Deciding to add solar panels to your home may drive a lot of questions and concerns. A common one is, what happens after the installation crew leave and the lights turn on? Most appliances and systems within a household will need upkeep or maintenance at some point so solar panels and their technology must not be any different, right? The truth is, the actual panels and the PV system that runs them both require little maintenance over a long period of time, but they are separate entities that can be effected in different ways.

While solar panel systems are growing as a residential energy source, it is still generally a new industry and uncommon in most neighborhoods, leaving homeowners with the hows, when, and why; how much does it cost, when do they need maintenance and how often, and why would the panels or system need maintenance. The solar panels and the PV system apply to these factors differently because maintenance on the panels may only require some cosmetic work such as cleaning off snow whereas the actual system involving many different parts could need more attention over the years.

When it comes to maintaining the panels there will be little you as a homeowner need to worry about it during their 30+ year lifespan. The glass layer making up the surface of the panels make them extremely durable and also very slippery, so when there is snow, rain, or even some leaves and sticks they will most likely do the clearing for you and slide right off.

The PV system is not far behind the panels in its expectancy for a low maintenance and long lifespan once installed in your home. Ranging around 30 years as well, the system often times comes with warranties attached which can bring the homeowner a pace of mind and may come more in handy in regards to the inverter part within the system. The inverter is an aspect of the surprisingly simple PV system among a few other parts, but is presumably the part to have the most issues ­— rightly so as it is one of the most complex. An important thing to remember when debating the possibility of problems to arise with the machine is that there is a better chance of not having to use the warranty in the 10 -25 years they usually are active is by ensuring the initial installation is done properly and with quality machinery.

Understanding the solar panel system and what it will entail could prove to be beneficial in the long run when making the decision to changing your home’s energy to solar based. While warranties and long life expectancies can put a homeowner’s mind at ease, if an issue does arise, the average person may not know how to fix a PV system. In order to minimize the need and therefore, cost of maintenance is to start at the beginning of the installation process which means ensuring it is executed by an experienced professional with proper, high quality equipment and materials.

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