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Simple Ways to Incorporate Solar Energy into Your Home

Being a homeowner isn’t always easy; remembering what day the trash needs to go out, cleaning, maintenance, bills, etc. With so many things to take care of, why not find ways to incorporate new habits into your home that will help ease your mind. Solar energy can help with some of those things — especially if helping the environment is something you are interested in. There are many small (and larger) ways to make a big impact on your home, the biggest possibly seen through the change in your electricity bills.

When adding a solar energy system of any form to your home, the goal is usually to have your household become more energy efficient — which it will along with instantly becoming eco-friendly—, but what you may not realize is the decrease in maintenance you are also achieving through these additions. Here is a list of some ways to incorporate solar into your home:

1. Outdoor solar lights. Whether this is accent lighting, flood lights, security lighting, or just decorative lighting, choosing the solar powered alternative is a great choice. Not only will these work just as well and be just as bright as non-solar options, you will simply not have to worry about them after they are installed. The battery within the apparatus will store the energy that is harnessed all day outdoors and use it to power the light fixtures as needed in the night time.

2. Solar water heaters. We all know that the sun is notorious for heating things up, so harnessing its energy to do just that for your home water tank is a no-brainer. As an alternative for most common gas and electric water heaters, this water tank will work just as well with the panels that are installed in the system used to heat the water and then transfer that to water storage tank. With efficiency being one, another beneficial aspect of this system will be the federal tax credits that are most likely available for the use of this in your home.

3. Small solar devices. This may seem like a broad way to put it, but there are many smaller technological devices that may not be directly connected to how your house is actually ran, but still impact the electricity levels. Rechargeable personal equipment like phone or laptop chargers as well as larger items such as appliances in the kitchen and laundry room can all be added to your home in a solar-based form.

4. Solar panels. Saving the best, or at least the highest impacting solar addition for last. While the other alternatives for conventional electrical devices are a step in the right direction for becoming a sustainably run home, the installation of solar panels upon a roof or even yard will simply make the greatest overall impact for a residential home. The panels will allow the majority, if not the entirety, of your home’s electricity to run the most efficiently on renewable energy and that means opening the door to lower bills including taxes through similar incentives as mentioned for the water heaters.

Modern day homeowners are always looking for better ways to improve their lifestyle, whether that be DIY projects from Pinterest or making improvements based on newer societal priorities surrounding climate change. However you choose to better your home and/or lifestyle, solar energy comes in many shapes in sizes allowing you to do so in a way that supports the move towards sustainable practices in our society.


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