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The Real Environmental Impact of Solar Energy, Residential and Non-Residential

People are always talking about “going green” and “sustainable energy sources”, but how do all of the new technology solutions for fossil fuel resources actually impact the environment? With new advancements in wind and solar capabilities, the opportunities to leave less and even no sign of a carbon footprint are growing and can be achieved at home.

While the world still heavily relies on fossil fuels to power, well almost everything, there are strides being taken throughout certain industries, lifestyle practices, and regions to reduce CO2 emissions. With around 8 billion people in the world and almost 300 million in the United States, domestic solar energy is a great place to start when it comes to making a large, positive impact on the environment through the transition to sustainable energy.

When it comes to adding solar to your home, there are a few key ways most residential solar systems are utilized. PV systems can be added to contribute to the overall energy source for your homes electricity, a solar water heater, or solar space heater. Even without a 100% turnover from traditional energy sources, the complete lack of air pollution and greenhouse gases emitted by these systems multiplied by every home/building in America would make a substantial difference.

The scale of the system that is being considered for its impact on the environment makes a big difference. For instance, a major concern with solar and even wind plants that are not applicable when discussing residential solar energy systems is the large scale implications that the development of these plants would have. Larger utility-scale facilities require more land, and a decent amount of water and labor to construct. Unlike most wind plants, solar facilities commonly do not conflict with agricultural areas due to the landscape necessary which is a plus for solar. Regardless of the land, water usage, and the hazardous materials that are often used to create and build solar facilities and PV systems (that can be used for homes), there are an ample amount of benefits that come with using these systems — especially long term — that outweigh the process in which they’re built.

Although we do not live in a world that is ready or capable to be entirely reliant on sustainable energy sources, incorporating the materials and technology that we do have into our everyday lives will make a positive impact. The comparison of the power, water, land, and materials that it may take to build PV systems for communities or even solar plants, still allows for a healthier and more sustainable output. Change has to start somewhere, so why not in your own home. Making the switch to solar energy systems in your community is one step closer to taking years off of a massive carbon foot print and therefore, avoiding possible irreversible environmental implications made every day through the emittance of greenhouse gases.


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