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Major Corporations in Your Town That Went Solar

The effort towards ending climate change cannot be tackled in one day and definitely not in small numbers. While homeowners across the country are taking matters into their own hands, there are plenty of other areas in your community that may be contributing to the sustainable energy movement that you are not aware of. Large corporations tend to have great influence on society as their business is consistent throughout the nation and usually provide many employment options within communities, but their influence is also marked by the progressive switch to solar power energy by some.

Here are a few of the major companies that you might find are cutting emissions in your city:

Target. According to the Solar Means Business 2017 Report, Target has been the leader of the conglomerates who are contributing to the move away from traditional energy sources. The report shows that from 2016 to 2017, the company increased its Megawatt capacity from 147 to just over 200.

Wal-Mart. As of 2018, the discount retail and grocery chain reached a total solar energy contribution rate of 500 locations that were actively using solar panels after adding 130 more solar enabled stores that year, according to Christian Roselund of PV Magazine. This means that Wal-Mart’s footprint will be cut by around 25% of sites running off of sustainable energy.

Apple. The powerhouse tech company is seen often in people’s everyday lives from phones to laptops to music, but it’s progressive nature carries over to their concern for the planet as the fourth largest user of solar at 101 Megawatts of solar capacity. Apple announced in 2018 that its global facilities were 1005 sustainable thanks to solar powered energy.

Kohl’s. According to the department store, it’s efforts began way back in 2007 with 19 stores in California containing 38,000 panels, but has grown to around 200,000 panels spanning across multiple states and building types within the company. These rooftop panels allow each building — fulfillment and distribution centers, corporate offices, and stores — to produce up to 20-50% of its individual energy usage (Kohl’s, 2018).

Costco. The Wholesale Corporation may not be in the top four in Megawatt capacity totaling at 50.8 MW, but the company has a large bandwidth and spans globally. The chain announced back in 2017 that by the end of that fiscal year, 100 of its warehouses would be run by solar energy systems; this includes locations spanning from New York to Japan. Costco also has a partnership with a major solar company, encouraging further distribution and usage of sustainable energy.

These are just a few examples of the recognizable faces of large business that we may see day to day, but did not realize were making strides towards eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by investing in solar and other forms of sustainable practices one facility at a time.


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