Why having Residential Solar Panels is Beneficial

There are many advantages to making solar energy the main source of power used throughout your home and some may surprise you.

The most obvious and arguably positive benefit is that it allows for the use of clean, renewable energy. The sun is an unlimited and insanely powerful natural source of energy that is harnessed and stored in solar panels. The sun holds such an abundance of usable energy that even on days when it may appear to be dark or feel chilly, the panels are still retaining energy absorption from the emitting sun rays coming through the not-so-ideal beach day weather. The fact of this process is that the use of these panels drastically lowers the reliance on energy sources that emit greenhouse gasses such as oil and gas. You may be asking, but what about at night? The placement of the panels based on your homes angle towards the sun and geographical position allows for the panels to retain as much solar energy as possible during sunlight hours and then is stored for later use.

This bring us to the next major advantage; the energy independence and control you have over your home power usage. Every household has different aspects that contribute to the amount of power needed to keep everyone happy and devices running. Having solar panels gives control back to the homeowner through the use of their personal battery unit that is solely based off of solar energy that is gained by the individual house and has no ties to a major grid system involving hundreds of other homes. This also means that the increasing level of community and city-wide blackouts will not be caused by nor impact your solar paneled home. The grid system was based off of a time when homes required a significantly less amount of energy and has yet to be updated to be sufficient in supplying and dispersing the necessary power. Luckily, the addition of solar panels makes the faulty grid system not your problem.

When considering finances, solar energy is not as scary as it once seemed and actually provides a lot of predictability and lower costs long term.

The previously mentioned factors of panel orientation and your homes geographical position along with the actual efficiency of the panel based on material or build can have an impact on the amount of energy retained, therefore, some homes are possibly able to generate more electricity than it consumes. The opportunity to curate excess energy may also give certain homeowners the ability to receive rebates for that energy. Not only is it possibly to get a monthly electric bill down to zero, but the use of solar energy opens doors for other financial benefits including possible tax breaks from federal, state, or local taxes. The long term benefits can also be seen if there is a possibility of selling your home in the future because of the increased resale value that solar panels bring.

When deciding if solar energy is the right choice for your household, it can be helpful to remember it is an investment for the future; the future of our planet and the future of your home.


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