Solar Panel Installation: Facts and Fallacies

The decision to switch a household over to solar energy may pose a lot of questions for homeowners. As solar becomes more commonly utilized and the industry constantly grows, there are often times many misconceptions about panels and the process of adding them to a home; they must take forever to install, the panels will damage my roof, the process of getting permits and an inspection will be a hassle, the up-keep will be too expensive, it’s not worth it. These common concerns are not accurate to the actual process of having a professional and experienced company install solar energy into your residential living space.

Here are the facts to answer these lingering questions you may have about solar panels:

Timing. The amount of time for installation will depend on a few different variables, the greatest one being your company of choice. The average time will be around three months, but again, based on the solar installation company and the fact that they are also going to be handling other entities of the process, it could be up to around six months.

Roof damage. If installed properly by a reputable company with licensed professionals working on your roof, there will be no damage caused by the panels. If this is the case, an inspection will be done on your roof prior to installing the panels to ensure there are no unexpected hazards after-the-fact or faulty paneling. With both of these factors in check, solar panels alone will not be the cause of damage done to your home.

Permits & inspections. The solar company of your choice will file for the local permits needed for the installation to begin. The permits vary by your state and location, but generally involve an electrical based permit, construction permit, and photovoltaic specific permit. These and any other permits that your specific property may need being granted along with a certified inspection done on your house will then allow for the necessary work to begin.

Maintenance and up-keep. With all of the previous steps taken properly and the common availability of warranties, there will be little to no maintenance needed on your household solar panel system. The panels average a 30-year-plus lifespan and other than incorrect installation or external factors like a tree falling on your house or anything that may have caused need for maintenance otherwise, your panels will be working for a long time with no headache or worry. If anything requires maintenance, it would most likely be a secondary unit within the system other than the actual panels such as the inverter. This aspect of a system also usually has on average 25-year-plus warranties and will be a less complex fix than anything on the roof of a home.

In general, solar panels alone cause no direct damage and are otherwise a nuisance to your household besides the decrease in your monthly electric bill. With the proper research done on company choice and steps being taken throughout the installation process, homeowners can sleep well knowing they are doing right by the environment and their home by going solar.


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