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What to Expect from Panel Installation

Planning any new addition to your home can be exciting, but also a little stressful. There are workers to hire, a house to get prepared, and of course decisions and plans to be made. The choice to change your household over from traditional electric to solar energy, can be a seamless addition, though, and will most likely be the best kind of investment for your home. Here is what to expect when moving forward with going solar.

The process of adding a solar energy system to your home is really quite simple, especially for the homeowner and the actual structure of the house. It is mostly external work and does not — or should I say should not — effect the exterior condition or landscape or your property. That said, there are some things you, as the consumer, can do to prepare for the installation process and the first is very simple; choose wisely when picking your installation company.

The household or property aside, the company you chose will make or break the process of adding the panels and overall system to your home (hopefully not literally). Is important to do your research and ensure your company is not only reputable, but that it’s workers being sent to your home will be experienced and educated on the many different aspects that goes into installation. This often includes an initial inspection of the roof or property that is planned to hold the solar panels and even possibly a secondary inspection right before the final trip to install the system.

Once you have your chosen your company, there are some things to consider about the state of your home prior to having anything installed or added. Most residential panels are placed on the roofs of homes and once they are put there it is not intended for them to move for a very long time, in fact, they should not be shifting, moving, or being removed for any reason unless manually by a professional for some sort of possible maintenance. Based on the hopeful longevity of your new solar panels lifespan, you should ensure that the condition of your roof is in-tact and equipped to handle the new addition. Your roof may not need to be brand new, but if there are any tell-tale signs of concern, adding panels to any existing minor issue could result in a larger problem possibly damaging the exterior of your house. Anything like this would be noticed by the professional eye during the inspection that should take place in preparation for the installment. While property maintenance can seem more accessible and easy to spot good conditions, land being evaluated for solar panels will consider hazardous factors that you as a homeowner may not think of or recognize such as flooding, snow buildup, foliage interruption, etc.

The decision of installing a solar system to your residence is most likely a great decision for your household, your electric bill, and of course the earth, but without proper consideration of certain aspects, it can prove to be problematic for the exterior of your home or property.

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