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Net Metering: What Is It and How Does It Affect Me?

A major part of the solar energy system is the ability it has to not only harness, but store the energy for longer term use. For residential solar energy users, the process of storing this energy is a major aspect in guaranteeing the beneficial qualities of adding it to your home. This is because of factors like modern homes being least active during peak sunlight production hours, the increased need for electricity during months with shortened days, and overall providing homeowners with certainty and safety that is promised and expected when making the switch from traditional electricity to these sustainable systems. So where does net metering come in?

All of this storing power is due to the home’s solar battery ability which harnesses the energy that is produced during the day. The benefit of this is obviously to ensure access to electricity for the house during periods of time such as the ones previously stated; but what about when the house does not even use all of that energy that was created and stored by the very complex inverter and battery system? With many home systems being large enough to produce sufficient energy for the household and then some, this is where net metering comes into play.

Net metering is the process of utilizing excess energy produced by residential solar systems by selling and distributing it to the electric grid. The benefit of this for the homeowner is the reimbursement of credits or even a check for the energy that is given to the utility company at market value. By receiving credits from the electric utilities, the homeowner can then use those credits down the road when they may be experiencing insufficient power supply from their personal solar energy system, possibly during winter months. Net metering is supposed to be the most efficient option cost and energy usage wise by allowing residential solar owners to avoid wasting produced energy and cover all extra electricity needs.

The goal for net metering in terms of the utility companies is to utilize the somewhat expensive, complex, and still necessary electric grid while society slowly moves towards a more sustainable based energy system. Utility has struggled with the continued lack of financial support for the service costs that the transaction of net metering does not acquire for, yet this contribution helps to continue the functioning of the system at all. Net metering isn’t present across all states and many regions are moving towards other state-mandated forms of compensation

With more homes becoming self-sufficient, it seemed necessary for the infrastructure of conventional electricity production to be given a little help. While trying to maintain the withstanding large-scale amount of traditional electric requirements for communities and regions, the addition of energy produced from residential solar is contributing the gradual move towards a renewable-reliant society.


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